Yvan Bourgnon has made a nice conference at Paris Boat show to review is ¾ world tour on his 20’ catamaran boost with Forward Sailing sails.

He plans to start again and finish his tour after his cat is rebuilt in january 2015 !

New Forward-Sailing video ! Enjoy :

A full range of innovative sailing equipments to get comfort, style and a great protection on key areas.

Impact sailing life vest, trapeze harness, sailing helmet, polarized sunglasses, gloves, neoprene…

After a very difficult trip from Canaria Islands, made alone on his beachcat and with a strange weather for Atlantic, Yvan Bourgnon arrived in Martinique after 20 days!

He comes back on this hard navigation :

Yvan Bourgnon and Vincent Beauvarlet arrived at Canary Islands !

After a first stop at la Coruna, then a second one, not planned, at Agadir because of  “bad” conditions on the Atlantic, with a lack of wind which caused a lack of food onboard… They also fixed a problem on a hull and finally made a full check up of the boat, which is in great condition to cross the Atlantic ! They should leave next week for Guadeloupe, on the other side, this will be the first big challenge of their trip…

Good luck guys !!

Forward Sailing was nicely represented on the Little America’s Cup in Falmouth last September thanks to the sailing helmet which was selected by all the French/Swiss team ! The winners Cammas/Viat, the Hydros Team with besson lagarrigue and Heemskerk/tentij or again Challenge France with Bontemps/Gahinet.

Our helmet has been chosen for its lightness and comfort, but almost the great protection essential on such fast prototypes able to fly but also to capsize violently…

To get it : http://www.forward-sailing.co.uk/technical-sailing-clothing/sailing-helmet/sailing-helmet

Well done Pierre Yves and Eric who crossed the Manche in less than 7 hours on a catamaran F18 !!


Traversée de la Manche en Catamaran de sport from teamcnl29 on Vimeo.

After an increadible come back, Oracle finally keep the cup in USA. It’s a great honor for Forward sailing to have been selected with our impact sailing jacket that were use during all the competition.

After a first partnership with energy Team, Forward Sailing is in collaboration with the French Youth Team who will represent France in the Red Bull Youth Amercia’s Cup at San Francisco !

Good luck for these young guys, dynamic and talented ! Their feedbacks about our products – quick dry, gloves, sunglasses, impact vests and helmets – are very helpful to change some details which make the difference.


It is the next challenge of Yvan Bourgnon.

With Vincent Beauvarlet, the 2 sailors wil leave in October from Les Sables d’Olonne to sail around the world, with some stopovers of course !

Forward Sailing has been supporting Yvan for several seasons and will join this adventure, with the production of the set of sails.

A hudge project, which should last around 10-11 months until their return to Les Sables.

Good luck Guys and make us dream !!


Raphael Censier is a young guy from Brittany who developped and built his own A Cat !

A great work, but his objective is also to fly with it, and he works, in parallel of his studies, to the development on new curve foils to realise his project. The first trials were very conclusive and there is no doubt he will find the right compromise to reach a stable flight, respecting the A Cat rules.

Forward Sailing is completely fan of this project, and supports Raphael supplying all the equipment necessary to his protection, very important on such prototypes: helmet, impact vest, harness, neoprene top, lycra, gloves, sunglasses.

To follow this great project : http://raphael-censier.jimdo.com/